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How could drug court improve your circumstances?

Indiana drug convictions carry serious consequences. If you find yourself facing a conviction for drug sales, drug possession or similar charges, you may face jail time, hefty fines, substance abuse treatment obligations and other possible penalties. However, if your drug crime was not a violent one, you may, depending on a number of variables, be able to avoid serving time in jail by enrolling in drug court.

What are drug courts, and could they potentially help you beat your substance abuse disorder and stay out of the justice system moving forward?

How drug courts work

Drug courts are one of the most effective and innovative methods of countering prison overcrowding and substance abuse dependency, according to the National Drug Court Resource Center. Most drug courts combine regular drug tests with counseling, frequent appearances before a judge and, in some cases, other therapies or treatment obligations.

While placing drug offenders in jail or prison holds them accountable for their actions, it does little to combat the root of the problem or reduce future criminal behavior. Enrollment in a drug court, however, gives people a fighting chance at overcoming addiction and abstaining from future criminal behavior.

Drug courts are effective

Drug courts are effective at helping offenders stay out of the criminal justice system in the future, research shows. In fact, some of the nation’s most effective and successful drug courts cut recidivism by as much as 35 to 40 percent. Drug court also helps community coffers. Communities save about $6,744 for every offender who participates in drug court.

Gaining entry into a drug court may do more than just keep you out of jail. It could help you leave your substance abuse behind for good, becoming a happier, more productive member of society in the process.