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Property people forget about in their will

There are so many different things to consider while writing a will that many people overlook some pretty important factors. If you haven't updated your will in the past three to five years, it's a good idea to make sure the following three things are accounted for.

Why changes in custody should be in writing

Sticking to a custody agreement can be challenging. Both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible but work and extra curriculars can get in the way.

As children grow up, they may also take on new responsibilities and interests that alter their custody routine. In these situations, changes to a custody plan should be written into the formal agreement. Here's a few reasons why.

How are mental health issues considered in family law disputes?

Mental illnesses can be disabling and debilitating, just like any other illness. People cannot choose whether they become victim to a mental illness any more than they can choose whether they will acquire a physical disease. Therefore, stigmas surrounding mental illness should be fought.

However, during family law disputes and especially during child custody battles, a parent's mental illness may be addressed as part of the case. This can be controversial because a parent should not be denied a relationship with their child just because they are suffering from an illness.

What is implied consent in Indiana?

If you are pulled over by law enforcement officials while driving in Indiana, it is likely that you will feel quite frustrated and defensive, even if you have done nothing wrong. You may be resistant to complying with what officers ask of you during this time, especially if they ask you to perform a Breathalyzer test.

If you have refused a Breathalyzer test when pulled over in Indiana, you may have been confused as to why you were charged with an OWI, even though there is no evidence to say that you were driving over the limit. You may have heard the term "implied consent" and wondered what it means.

Will a DUI affect child custody?

Child custody is often one of the most contentious issues during a divorce. If you are experiencing severe disagreement with your spouse over the custody of your children, the situation can quickly turn ugly.

If you go to court over the matter, you will be leaving the final say on this important matter to a judge. If you have been convicted of one or more DUIs, you may be worried about whether this will affect your chances of retaining custody of your children.

Study finds that millennial parents use phones while driving

Teens often catch most of the blame for distracted driving and using their phones behind the wheel. However, a recent study carried out in a hospital suggests that may not be entirely fair. Researchers found that millennials often use their phones while driving, even though many of them are now old enough to be parents themselves.

"Text messaging and other forms of distracted driving were more common among millennial parents than older parents," one surgeon noted.

As the summer approaches, drivers must review front blind spots

Blind spots are arguably one of the most well-known design flaws within many of today’s vehicles. Even though manufacturers have taken extensive steps to eliminate these and provide more visibility options, there have still been plenty of instances where a driver crashes into someone else due to not being able to see at a certain angle.

Unfortunately, there is one big blind spot that not a lot of drivers realize is on their vehicle. It isn’t to their side, their backs, or at a diagonal angle, it’s right in front of them. Many drivers of larger vehicles underestimate the size of the blind spots in front of their vehicles because they are looking forward constantly in the first place. Now is an essential time to review how this impacts your driving as more children will start roaming the streets in the next few months.

Including charities in your estate plan

When you are thinking about the legacy that you would like to leave at the end of your lifetime, it is likely that your immediate family and loved ones will be your first concern. However, in addition to the people that you love, you may also think about the causes that you are passionate about. You may have benefited from a non-profit or charity over the years, or witnessed first-hand the great work that you do.

Leaving part of your estate to a charity can bring a vast amount of meaning to the assets that you have accumulated during your lifetime. It is important therefore that you plan for this efficiently and effectively. The following are some considerations that you should make when putting a charity in your estate plan.

The yearly cost of raising a child

If you're involved in a complex family law case, such as getting divorced with kids or trying to work together as single parents who are no longer in a romantic relationship, one of your main questions may simply be what your children will cost you. This information helps you when considering child support, child custody and things of this nature. You need to know what your financial obligations will look like in order to come up with a plan to meet them.

First and foremost, the costs are different for everyone. They depend on where you live, how much you earn, what activities your child does and a nearly endless list of other factors. Don't just assume it will be the same for you as it is for someone else.

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