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Are you afraid to send your child for visits with their other parent because they are using or have used illegal drugs?

Judges may now order parents to take a drug test in order to have parenting time. There are some requirements. The parent must have a demonstrated history of unlawful drug use within the previous five years or there has to be some evidence that the parent is currently using illegal drugs. The court can determine the frequency of the drug testing and can order the parent to pay the cost of the drug testing.

Are you planning to move and have custody or visitation with a child?

There is a new law in Indiana, effective July 1, 2019, which says you have to file this notice with the court and the other parent if you plan to move more than 20 miles away from the other parent.

Do you have a child that is getting ready to turn 19? Does child support end?

As a general rule, child support in Indiana ends at age 19. However, there is a new law in Indiana, beginning July 1, 2019, which could extend the child support until the child graduates from high school. 

Vacations can lead to divorce

A vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It's a way to unwind and spend time together as a family. You're supposed to come back from it feeling happy and recharged.

However, for some couples, a curious thing happens: They decide to get a divorce. It's a pattern. Studies have discovered that post-vacation divorce rates are higher than they are at other times.

Planning your estate as a parent to young children

Although it can be very difficult to contemplate passing away while your children are still young, it is important to plan for the unlikely scenario. Doing so will give you peace of mind because you will have the knowledge that your children will be protected and cared for in the way that you see fit.

Estate plans made around young children should address the children and their current age, but they should be updated through the years to mirror your child's age and maturity. The following are some key things to address in your estate plan.

Property people forget about in their will

There are so many different things to consider while writing a will that many people overlook some pretty important factors. If you haven't updated your will in the past three to five years, it's a good idea to make sure the following three things are accounted for.

Why changes in custody should be in writing

Sticking to a custody agreement can be challenging. Both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible but work and extra curriculars can get in the way.

As children grow up, they may also take on new responsibilities and interests that alter their custody routine. In these situations, changes to a custody plan should be written into the formal agreement. Here's a few reasons why.

How are mental health issues considered in family law disputes?

Mental illnesses can be disabling and debilitating, just like any other illness. People cannot choose whether they become victim to a mental illness any more than they can choose whether they will acquire a physical disease. Therefore, stigmas surrounding mental illness should be fought.

However, during family law disputes and especially during child custody battles, a parent's mental illness may be addressed as part of the case. This can be controversial because a parent should not be denied a relationship with their child just because they are suffering from an illness.

What is implied consent in Indiana?

If you are pulled over by law enforcement officials while driving in Indiana, it is likely that you will feel quite frustrated and defensive, even if you have done nothing wrong. You may be resistant to complying with what officers ask of you during this time, especially if they ask you to perform a Breathalyzer test.

If you have refused a Breathalyzer test when pulled over in Indiana, you may have been confused as to why you were charged with an OWI, even though there is no evidence to say that you were driving over the limit. You may have heard the term "implied consent" and wondered what it means.

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