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Aggressive Defense To Indiana DUI/OWI Charges

Being pulled over for any traffic offense can be an intimidating experience. When the investigation leads to a DUI/OWI charge, the stakes are higher. People from all walks of life can face drunk driving charges. Anyone who drinks any amount of alcohol or ingests some prescribed medications before getting behind the wheel can face DUI allegations. Sometimes, people who have not consumed any alcohol at all can be charged. The strict consequences available to the prosecutor under Indiana law make DUI charges much more than a traffic ticket.

You Can Fight A DUI Charge

At Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, we believe that the best defense strategies start with a good offense. We dedicate our criminal defense practice to preparing for trial from the very first day that we represent a client. Preparing for trial begins in the initial consultation where our lawyers will listen attentively to your account of your arrest. We do not take the prosecution’s story at face value. We evaluate whether the police acted unlawfully in pulling you over or whether the roadside field sobriety tests were performed properly, and also analyze the evidence for flaws and weaknesses that could lead to a valid factual or legal defense for your case.

A conviction for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in Indiana carries harsh penalties, even on a first-time offense. If a passenger under the age of 18 was in the vehicle or if a driver was involved in an injury accident, a first-time offense for DUI will be a felony charge. A criminal conviction for DUI can enhance future offenses. Indiana makes some DUI-second offenses a felony level charge. Our top priority is to obtain the most favorable outcome possible, including dismissal of the charges, acquittal at trial, or reduced charges and consequences to protect your future.

In addition to exposure to jail or prison time, hefty fines and the suspension of your driving privileges, a DUI offense can have long-term consequences. A DUI conviction will increase your insurance rates and can adversely impact job, housing, academic and military opportunities well into the future. With the stakes so high, it is critical for you to retain the services of an experienced DUI/OWI defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest.

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The sooner you contact us to stand up for your rights in court, the better your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. Call 317-468-2355 or 866-958-6354 toll-free to arrange a consultation with a trial-proven DUI/OWI defense attorney. Our main office is in Greenfield. We also meet clients by appointment in our satellite office Indianapolis.