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Compassionate And Diligent Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents remain as one of the leading causes of injury in Indiana. At Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, our lawyers care about protecting the rights of accident victims and their families. We understand how difficult it is for families to recover after a loved one is injured in an accident.

After many serious accident cases, a victim may be hospitalized, leaving the family with many questions about treatment, medical bills and the process of physical recovery. In other instances, a victim may decline medical care as adrenaline masks the symptoms and pain of a serious injury. It is important that accident victims obtain proper medical treatment after a crash.

Unfortunately, many people learn insurance companies work quickly to minimize their risk in paying a claim. The insurance companies are in the business of protecting their own bottom line. We are here to level the playing field when a dangerous driver causes harm.

Fighting For Your Rights While Preparing For Trial

When you contact our experienced car accident attorneys, we will fully review your situation to provide you with straightforward advice about your legal options. When we take on a case, we immediately begin to prepare the matter for trial. Thorough preparation is a key to success in maximizing compensation in a personal injury claim. Our goal-oriented approach to the law is your advantage in resolving the legal difficulties you face in the aftermath of a crash. We take the burden of fighting the insurance companies off your shoulders to allow you to focus on your physical well-being.

Indiana is a comparative fault state. That adds complexity to personal injury law. If you have suffered injury due to the negligence of another, do not let the insurance companies take advantage of the law to minimize or deny your claim. With our deep knowledge of the law and experience handling car accident claims, we know how to uncover inaccuracies in accident reports.

No Case Is Too Complex — Every Case Requires Comprehensive Analysis

We understand that car accidents can cause emotional suffering, as well as physical injury. We will evaluate every aspect of the harm you have suffered to maximize your recovery, including intangible damages. We understand that every case is unique and, through diligent preparation, we know how to present a complete and compelling case to obtain justice for our clients.

We represent accident victims throughout Indiana. Our main office is in Greenfield. We also have satellite offices in Indianapolis for consultations by appointment. To learn more about your legal options send us an email or call 317-468-2355 or 866-958-6354.