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Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation has become a popular means of trying to settle a case before taking it to trial. Mediation involves the parties to a case (and their attorneys) meeting with a neutral mediator for the specific purpose of seeing if the mediator can negotiate a settlement. A mediator cannot require the parties to settle, so if a settlement is not reached the case will then proceed to trial.

Mediators go through extensive training to become certified to conduct mediations, and they are either appointed by the court or selected by the parties by agreement. Because of their training, mediators are often successful in negotiating a settlement. The benefits of settling a case are that it avoids the risk, cost and delay in taking a case to trial.

How We Can Help

The attorneys at Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, prepare every case as though it will go to trial, because we find that doing so also makes the case stronger for presentation at mediation. We often obtain favorable results for our clients at mediation because the other party or parties to the case know that we are prepared for trial if the case does not settle.

When you retain us, we will discuss with you whether your case is appropriate for mediation, and when mediation would be likely to take place during the process of preparing your case for trial.

Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, also has attorneys who are certified mediators. Thus, if you want a mediator for your case who has the litigation experience necessary to advise the parties how the case might play out in the courtroom if it does not settle, give us a call or have your attorney give us a call. Contact us by calling 317-468-2355 or 866-958-6354 toll-free to discuss your mediation needs today.