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Has Distracted Driving Changed Your Life?

Today’s technology and our busy lifestyles lead to distractions. Smartphones, e-readers, laptops and iPads are great, but they take focus away from daily activities. It is bad enough when someone is distracted at home, but it becomes dangerous for drivers.

Distractions divert a driver’s attention away from the road. If you were injured or someone died because another driver was distracted, contact Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP. We know how to obtain positive personal injury settlements.

Preoccupation, Fatigue And Distractions Cause Accidents

The number of people injured by driver inattentiveness (eating, talking to passengers, drinking, changing the radio station, smoking or applying makeup), fatigue or their fascination with devices is increasing. Their negligence and recklessness might have injured you or may have led to a death.

Several things contribute to reduced response time on the road. When you identify a possible hazard at 55 miles per hour, your car will travel 121 feet before you can react. Depending on road conditions, speed and the size and condition of a vehicle, the distance needed to stop increases. Distracted driving lengthens your reaction time even more.

Distracted Driving-Related Losses Are On the Rise

Distracted driving leads to almost 3,000 deaths and nearly 400,000 injuries on U.S. roads every year. It is estimated that it costs almost $200 million annually. Those numbers could be significantly higher due to inadequate reporting.

Indiana law bans drivers under 18 years old from using cellphones in their cars, and all drivers are banned from texting. Yet people continue to break the law. There are almost 10,000 distracted driving-related crashes in Indiana annually.

Helping You Prove Their Negligence and Recklessness

Drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road. If they are driving and texting or talking on their cellphone, they are negligent. They are also being reckless because they know they are breaking the law and endangering other drivers. Our legal team can work with you to prove their wrongdoing.

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