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After the death of a loved one, it can be stressful to try and navigate the particulars of probate and estate administration. At Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, we handle all aspects of estate and trust administration for our clients so families can focus on grieving their loss and then moving on with their lives. We also assist estate and trust administrators to fulfill their duties in compliance with state and federal laws, including guidance on inheritance and estate tax matters.

Since 1918, our firm has provided experienced, quality legal services to clients throughout Indiana. Our probate and trust administration experience ranges from handling relatively small estates to multimillion-dollar estates with complex financial and business assets. Whatever the size of the estate, we use our in-depth knowledge of both Indiana state and federal estate laws to protect the wishes of the deceased and his or her beneficiaries and to ensure the seamless transfer of assets.

Handling All The Details On Your Behalf

As experienced estate and trust law attorneys, we understand the complexities of the probate and trust administration process. We handle the entire process on our clients’ behalf, including preparing and filing final state and federal tax returns, inheritance tax returns, and estate tax returns. We maintain regular communication with our clients in person, by phone and by email, so families always understand how their case is progressing and have their questions answered as they arise.

Representing Beneficiaries To Protect Their Interests

If you are the beneficiary of a will or trust and your questions are not being answered satisfactorily by the administrator or the administrator’s attorney, we can help. If the administration of the estate or the trust is not being conducted in the manner in which you expected or the manner in which you were told, we can represent your interests to make certain your rights to your inheritance are protected. Sometimes this will involve nothing more than reviewing processes and stepping into the administrative process on your behalf, while other times it may require initiating litigation to protect your interests.

Protecting Family Interests In Probate Litigation

If you believe that someone took advantage of your loved one prior to his or her death, we may be able to help you recoup assets that were wrongfully taken. We can help you evaluate whether litigation is appropriate to protect the interests of your family members as well as your own as an intended beneficiary.

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Our lawyers have experience handling probate and trust administration, and legal issues that arise in those contexts, throughout Indiana. Contact our firm by calling 317-468-2355 or 866-958-6354 toll-free to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced probate and trust administration attorneys. Our main office is located in Greenfield, and we maintain offices in three other central and eastern Indiana locations.