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Representing Your Rights In Appeals

Has a judge or jury ruled against you in your civil case? Have you been found guilty in a criminal case? Has a judge ruled against you in your request for custody of your children? While the court process is designed to get the best evidence before a judge or jury to allow for correct decisions, sometimes those decisions are simply wrong. After all, judges and juries are human too, and can make mistakes.

If you believe a judge or jury made an incorrect decision in resolving your case, you have the right to appeal that decision (in most instances) to a higher court. The lawyers at Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, regularly handle appeals from adverse decisions in all kinds of cases.

There are usually very short time periods that apply to the right to appeal an adverse decision made by an administrative agency or court, so you should take quick action to protect your rights after receiving an unfavorable decision.

Our attorneys practice regularly before the Indiana Court of Appeals and also handle appeals made to the Indiana Supreme Court. If the adverse decision you are concerned about is a decision made by an administrative agency instead of a court, you may have appeal rights with which we can assist you, as well.

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