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The physical, emotional and mental effects of severe road crashes

A disastrous road accident can change your life in an instant by causing injuries that can have physical, emotional and mental consequences. With the many effects of road crashes, it can be vital to understand what your claim can cover in addition to hospital bills.

Personal injuries and incapacity to work

A heavily injured body must heal and recover. Apart from hospital bills, you can pursue compensation for physical pain, medicine, consultations and physical therapy sessions. You could also factor in future medical expenses, depending on the circumstances.

If you are unable to work, you can seek damages for lost wages or income. Additionally, you should include how the accident decreased their earning capacity.

Emotional distress and post-traumatic symptoms

According to a study, emotional distress can be common among road crash victims, causing anxiety or depression. Those with acute stress syndrome had terrible memories of the crash and displayed mood disturbances.

Victims may also show post-traumatic symptoms like nervous shock and travel anxiety due to phobia. Some of them developed post-traumatic stress disorder, while those who got multiple injuries with continued health complications had emotional disorders.

What to know about claims for damages

Indiana law allows road crash victims to file for claims within two years. Economic damages cover medical costs, lost wages and expenses for vehicle repairs. On the other hand, non-economic damages include claims for physical pain, emotional agony and mental misery.

There are no limits to non-economic damages in Indiana. The courts decide on the amount based on the severity of the accident. They consider the extent and effects of injuries, including if they worsened preexisting conditions.

Why you need a holistic recovery

The various damages involved in a road crash claim consider the victim’s need to have a holistic recovery. After you recover from your physical injuries, you also need to heal from emotional and mental wounds to help you start anew in life.