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How can you talk to elderly parents about their estate plan?

Discussing estate planning with elderly parents can be a sensitive topic. However, it is important to understand and honor their wishes.

Learning about tips on how to broach this important subject with your aging loved ones may help.

Choose the right time and place

Selecting the appropriate time and setting is important for a productive discussion about estate planning. Choose a time when your parents feel relaxed and free from distractions. Pick a quiet and comfortable environment where they feel at ease and can focus on the conversation.

Be respectful

Approach the discussion with respect and sensitivity towards your parents’ feelings and autonomy. Acknowledge their experience and wisdom. You can also reassure them that you are having this conversation out of love and concern for their well-being.

Open with care

Express your desire to understand their wishes and ensure their affairs are in order. Avoid jumping straight into technical details or overwhelming them with complex information about estate planning. Instead, start by expressing your willingness to support them in making important decisions.

Focus on their wishes

Center the discussion around your parents’ preferences and priorities regarding their estate. Encourage them to share their thoughts, concerns and goals for the future. Listen attentively and validate their feelings, emphasizing that their wishes will guide any decisions made.

Involve professionals

Consider involving trusted professionals, such as financial advisors or estate planners. They often provide guidance and expertise, especially since every state has different rules for estates. Their knowledge can help with complex issues.

Approaching the topic of estate planning with elderly parents requires empathy and patience. Then, they can create a plan that will protect their peace of mind in the future.