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What penalties can a parent face for parenting time violations?

During divorce proceedings, parenting time can be a vital topic, often requiring the court’s involvement if the parents have contradicting perspectives on their child’s upbringing. Fortunately, documentation enforcing parenting time can be legally binding, making both parents responsible for its implementation and prioritization of their child’s best interests.

However, some parents can have a tough time following the arrangement, potentially leading to parenting time violations. Some instances can be minor lapses that the parents can resolve privately. Other times, the offense can be too severe, requiring legal action and consequences. In Indiana, these incidents can have grave repercussions, including the following penalties:

  • Sanctions proportionate to the parent’s violation, including fines, community service and jail time based on the situation
  • Injunctions if an interfering parent causes severe obstructions, necessitating the other parent to file accordingly
  • Criminal penalties, depending on the violations committed
  • Significant costs if the violations led to litigation, covering attorney fees and other associated expenses

State law also has specific guidelines when addressing these issues, ordering mediation in case of disagreements and other disputes. Nevertheless, the court can also approach each scenario from case to case, considering unique circumstances that may complicate the case.

Addressing parenting time issues appropriately

You may feel strongly about what you want for your child as a parent. These sentiments may be reasonable, but there are appropriate ways to relay them and incorporate them into the parenting time without risking harm to the child.

Before butting heads with the other parent, seeking legal guidance can be helpful to mitigate conflicts. Valuable counsel can also help you determine the most applicable options and avoid issues affecting your entire family.