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How likely is a traumatic brain injury in a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian accidents can be harrowing experiences regardless of the nature of the collision. However, one of the most concerning outcomes is the potential for a traumatic brain injury.

Understanding the likelihood of such injuries is necessary for both pedestrians and drivers to promote safety on the roads.

The impact of collision speed

One of the key factors influencing the likelihood of a traumatic brain injury in a pedestrian accident is the speed of the collision. Studies indicate that higher speeds significantly increase the risk of severe head injuries. When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian at a higher speed, the impact forces are greater, increasing the chances of a TBI. All drivers should adhere to speed limits and exercise caution in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Pedestrian age and vulnerability

Age is another critical factor in determining the likelihood of a traumatic brain injury in pedestrian accidents. Children and elderly individuals are generally more vulnerable to severe injuries due to either developing or weakened physiological conditions. Parents and caregivers should be extra vigilant when supervising vulnerable pedestrians.

Crosswalks and pedestrian safety measures

Using crosswalks can significantly reduce the risk of an accident. Pedestrians should always use designated crossing zones when available, wait for traffic signals and avoid jaywalking. Drivers, on the other hand, should be attentive to pedestrians at crosswalks and adhere to traffic regulations to prevent accidents.

There were a record-breaking 40 pedestrian fatalities in Indianapolis in 2022, to say nothing of Indiana as a whole. Pedestrian accidents clearly have the potential to be deadly, which only goes to show how likely catastrophic injuries are as well.