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Federal agency recommends use of speed limit tech in new cars

Speeding remains to be one of the common factors that contribute to the severity of vehicle collisions. The faster a car travels, the more likely a driver finds it difficult to brake and react on time during risky situations. As a result, speed-related crashes continue to significantly account for overall fatalities nationwide, with over 12,000 deaths in 2021.

However, after inspecting a recent wreck, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that curtailing the extent of damage can be possible by installing an intelligent speed assistant (ISA) in new cars.

How an ISA works

An ISA technology helps drivers stay within the posted speed limit. It achieves this using a video camera that recognizes road signs and a GPS-linked database containing speed limits in various locations.

NTSB stands by ISA’s value, which can warn the person behind the wheel in any of the following ways:

  • Auditory alert system
  • Vibrating pedal or when the pedal becomes hard to press
  • Automatic adjustment or when controls work without the driver’s cue

As promising as it may seem, NTSB’s suggestion gained mixed reactions from auto manufacturers and policymakers. The federal agency also does not have the authority to implement. Thus, they are still trying to reach out to those with regulatory powers to consider this modern device as a potential solution to reduce speeding injuries or deaths.

Why innovations matter

Fatal crashes still cause damage on Indiana roads. While there are collective efforts to reduce accidents, innovations, such as an ISA, may offer a fresh approach to pressing traffic problems. It may be worth noting to use the time to research, test and assess its impact on crash claims and other legal systems. As cars evolve, so should the rules on them.