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Can I expunge my criminal record?

Having a criminal record could hinder you in many ways. It may make it more difficult to get a job or limit what types of housing you can get. It also comes with a stigma that can haunt you.

According to Indy.gov, you may be able to expunge your criminal record or restrict the access to it if you qualify under the Second Chance Law.

Second Chance Law

The Second Chance Law does not allow you to erase your criminal record, but it will restrict who can access it. In general, this means that employers or landlords will not be able to see it. You do have to qualify under this law to seal your record.

Misdemeanor conviction

You qualify if you have a misdemeanor conviction if it has been at least five years since your conviction. You cannot have any pending criminal issues or license suspension or a conviction since your original conviction. You must have completed your sentence and all elements of the sentence, such as probation.

Felony conviction

If you have a felony conviction, you may be able to seek an expungement if it has been eight years since your conviction and you have completed your sentence in full. You can have no pending charges or other charges during the past eight years.

There are certain situations in which you cannot qualify, such as being a violent offender, having a conviction as an elected official or being a sexual offender.  Certain other felony convictions also do not qualify. You should always consult the law for your specific charge.


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