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3 safety precautions that all motorcycle riders should take

You may have seen or read articles about motorcycle safety and the need for riders to watch out for other drivers. 

If you do not ride a motorcycle, this post will help you understand safety precautions from the rider’s perspective. 

  1. Check the motorcycle 

Before motorcyclists decide to head out on the blacktop, they should take a few moments to get themselves and their bike ready for the ride. They should know their motorcycle inside and out, literally. Checking the brakes, fluids and tires is extremely important.  

  1. Wear the right gear

Shorts, sleeveless shirts and flip-flops are not protection. Riders should wear helmet, gloves, leather jacket, motorcycle pants and over the ankle boots. A lot of gear these days have Kevlar woven into the material and both jackets and jeans come with Kevlar panels. Road rash may not sound bad, but it can tear up a person’s body 

  1. Watch the road

Riders must always be aware of everything around them. They see you even though you may not see them. Those who ride have to develop a sixth sense with an ability to predict the reactions of other drivers.  Will that driver change lanes? Will the person beside me decide to turn leftWhen there is a multi-vehicle accident involving a motorcycle, the driver of the car or truck may have violated the rider’s right of way. 

For a lot of riders, getting out onto the blacktop is therapy. Some only ride their motorcycles on the weekends. For others, riding is a way of lifeDo not be the reason a rider is thrown from his or her bikeKeep an eye out for motorcycle riders around you. They may thank you for it.