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Understanding Your Child Support Payment Options

by Jon A. Keyes September, 2012

Thousands of parents are ordered to pay child support throughout Indiana. However, many of those parents are never informed of the various methods by which child support can be paid. This lack of information leads to missed payments and confusion over the amounts paid. There are several methods by which child support can be paid in Indiana.

First, child support can be paid directly from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. However, this is normally a bad idea. If a dispute arises months or years later, there may be no proof, or at least no proof acceptable to the court, that child support payments were made. It is always a better idea to pay child support through the county Clerk’s Office or through the State of Indiana so that an official record of the payments exists.

Second, a parent can pay child support at his/her county Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office makes a record of the amount paid and forwards the money to the custodial parent. This method of payment is better than paying the custodial parent directly because there is a record that payment is made. However, this method is not very convenient because the non-custodial parent must drive to the Clerk’s Office to make the payment and most Clerk’s Offices only accept cash payments.

Third, parents can pay child support online with a credit card via the following website: https://paydirect.link2gov.com/INDCS1/ItemSearch. The non-custodial parent will need the following information to pay online: (1) his/her Social Security Number, (2) his/her ISETS number, and (3) his/her credit card information. Other than VISA, all major credit cards are accepted. Online payment is convenient, but the non-custodial parent will be charged a 2.25% fee for making an online payment. The parent should always print off a confirmation page as proof of payment.

Fourth, child support can be paid with a credit card via telephone by calling 866-958-6354. Again, the non-custodial parent’s Social Security Number, ISETS number, and credit card information will be needed. There is a 2.25% convenience fee. The parent should be sure to write down the confirmation code given after making the telephonic payment.

Finally, child support can be paid via Income Withholding Order. This is an order directed to an employer whereby the child support is deducted from the non-custodial parent’s paycheck and sent to the custodial parent, Clerk’s Office, or to the State of Indiana. This is usually the best method of paying child support because it requires no direct, regular action from the non-custodial parent.

If you have a problem or question about child support in Indiana, contact us to speak with one of our family law attorneys, who can assist you in setting up a child support payment method that works best for your situation.