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Family Law Articles

The following articles have been authored by our attorneys to provide general information on issues of importance in family law. The content of the articles is not intended to serve as legal advice specific to your case. For legal advice, please contact us using the contact box at the bottom of this page.

Does Indiana Have Alimony? By:  Jon A. Keyes       March 2017

Answering the Age Old Question: At What Age Can My Child Decide Who Gets Custody?

Indiana Step-Parent Adoptions: An Overview by: Kyli L. Willis September 2014

My Ex-Spouse Won’t Pay Child Support. Do I Have to Give My Ex-Spouse Parenting Time? by: Dawn Wellman May 2014

I Did Not Establish Paternity of My Child. What Should I Do Now? by: Kyli Willis Marc 2014

The Putative Father Registry by: George A. Lohmeier March 2014

Estate Planning for the Blended Family by: Kevin G. Harvey December 2013

The Unfit Myth: Modifying Custody in Indiana

New Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines: Pluses and Minuses by Dawn E Wellman May 2013

I Am Planning On Moving. Is There Anything I Have To Do? by George A. Lohmeier March 2013

Tax Exemptions for Children After the Divorce: Is It Worth the Fight? by Dawn E. Wellman December, 2012

How to Pay Child Support in Indiana by Jon A. Keyes September, 2012

Is It Time For Your Child Support Order To Be Modified? by Brandy M. Kumfer September, 2012

Understanding The Discovery Process by George A. Lohmeier August, 2012

My Divorce Is Over . . . Now What? by Eric N. Allen June, 2012

High Conflict Parents: How The New Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines May Help

Indiana Lowers the Age of Emancipation: Some Will Like It, Some Will Not by Dawn E. Wellman May, 2012

Preparing To File For Divorce by George A. Lohmeier April, 2012

Why Do I Fight More With My Former Spouse Since The Divorce? The Role of the Parenting Coordinator by Dawn E. Wellman July, 2011

Grandparent Visitation in Indiana: What are Your Rights?

PLEASE NOTE: Articles published by Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, are written for the purpose of providing general legal information, only. The facts of each case or situation are unique, and in some instances the general information in an article may not be applicable or may not apply as described in the article. For advice that is specific to your particular situation, please schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. The provision of information in articles is not intended to and does not create an attorney-client relationship.