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How to change your name after a divorce

In Indiana, you may be able to restore your original last name during the divorce process itself by simply requesting the name change on your divorce forms. Your final divorce decree should reflect the change, allowing you to move forward with updating your information elsewhere. 

If you have decided to change your name after your divorce, you may fill out a name change request form with the court. Once the court approves your request, you will want to make sure to update your Social Security Card, driver’s license and passport. 

1. Changing your Social Security name

To change your name with the Social Security Administration, fill out an application for a new card and either mail it or deliver it to a local SSA office along with a certified copy of your name change document or divorce decree, proof of your U.S. citizenship or residence and photo identification. 

2. Updating your driver’s license

You will need similar supporting documents when requesting that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles amend your driver’s license. Keep in mind that the BMV may require you to visit a branch to apply for a corrected license within a specified period following your official legal name change. 

3. Revising your passport

If you have a current passport, the form you need to use to amend your name may depend on how recently you received it. You may also need to provide your current passport, a color passport photo and a certified name change document. 

Once you have updated your SSA card and your driver’s license, you may need to make changes elsewhere, as well, including your employee records, bank accounts and voter registration. You may find that a prioritized list helps you to work through items with less stress and greater confidence.