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Are parenting coordinators appointed in cases involving domestic violence ?

Divorce and custody battles can be brutal in Indiana. When there is conflict between parties, a parent coordinator may be appointed. What happens in domestic violence cases? Courts may still appoint coordinators in domestic violence cases.

Under Indiana law, a parent coordinator is someone who assists high conflict parties in child custody cases. The role of this person is to focus on the interests of the child and to educate the parents on how to make decisions based on the needs of the child. The court appoints this person. In cases where there are allegations or suspicions of domestic violence, the court may not utilize a parent coordinator. In some cases, however, the courts will. If domestic violence has impacted the relationship between the parents, the parent coordinator should be informed of this at the beginning of their service.

The parent coordinator is a registered Indiana Domestic Relations Mediator. He or she will have a background as an attorney or perhaps a mental health professional, and has experience and training in parenting coordination. A high conflict party is one who has consistent conflicts and disagreements. These disagreements can make it almost impossible for both parties to come to a resolution involving the care of the child.

In the instances where the court appoints a parent coordinator, the abused parent should be informed of the coordination process. He or she also has the option to have a support person at any coordination session. All coordination sessions should adhere to the safety of all parties involved. There are procedures in place to help protect everyone involved. If the sessions continue but the conflict escalates or if for any reason, the abused parent feels unsafe, the court may terminate the parent coordinator and parent coordination sessions.

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