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Prenuptial agreements can be a pragmatic choice

One of the biggest worries that people in Indiana have about getting married is the fear of a divorce. It isn’t so much having to admit that your marriage is coming to an end. It’s the worry that looms over you as you contemplate losing all that you own. This worry has gotten so prevalent that prenuptial agreements have become a legal fixture.

Three main reasons people need a prenuptial agreement

Family law in the U.S. dictates that divorce be legal and available to every couple. There are three main reasons why more people are choosing to protect themselves against the prospect of divorce by insisting on signing a prenuptial agreement.

One of the biggest concerns that people getting divorced have is losing their separate property including money, property, and other assets that are in their name. These are the assets that you came into the marriage with. Should a divorce occur, a prenuptial agreement is a good way to make sure that you leave with them intact.

People also sign prenups to try to decrease the amount of alimony that they may have to pay. In some cases, the prenuptial agreement could remove this penalty altogether.

Finally, a prenuptial agreement can ensure a more equitable split of your marital property as it can clearly define which assets and properties belong to each party in the marriage. If a divorce should occur, the court can refer to the terms of this agreement in order to make a fair and equitable split based on these guidelines.

A prenuptial agreement can protect your business

Another major consideration is protecting your business during a divorce. Having a prenuptial agreement in place before you marry is a good way to do so.

While no one wants to think about a divorce when they get married, planning the future with caution can be a good way to protect your assets.