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Can estate plans be private in Indiana?

Creating your estate plan can be a huge emotional undertaking, regardless of your actual health. It’s understandable for Indiana residents to want to keep some privacy during this time or avoid discussing it with anyone.

While you might have the option to keep your estate plan private, there are people who need to know in order to validate the estate plans. Even more important, there might be people in your personal life who should know about the estate plan ahead of time.

Who gets to see my estate plans?

Your lawyer as well as any other professional helping you create your will and other estate plans will have to see your plans in full. After you create your estate plan, you have the option to talk about it with your adult children or spouses.

Talking about it with your family members can help avoid anyone from being surprised or trying to contest the will after you’ve set it up. You also might want to keep revisiting the will for years to come or revise it based on the lives of those around you.

Most will need to list out assets in detail as well who they’re being given to in order to be valid and avoid probate court after your death. But after you die, your will becomes public court records – revealing your wishes, last words, and assets to everyone.

What if I don’t want my will to be part of public record?

There are other options than a will for estate planning if you would like more privacy. Not only do revocable trusts offer you more control over your assets and how they’re divided, but it also stays out of the public eye.

There are plenty of reasons you might not want your assets and estate plans to become public records or be open to anyone else. Whatever your reasons, wanting privacy is perfectly normal and it’s good to know your options.