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Two-car collision results in fatalities in Fort Wayne

While few may realize it, every time Indiana residents take to the state’s roads and highways, they assume a certain amount of risk. The possibility of experiencing a car accident is ever-present. Yet most assume this risk (without even giving the matter much thought) due to the assumption that the other drivers on the road are as vigilant about defensive driving.  

While this assumption proves true in many cases, there are also circumstances where drivers demonstrate negligence and a disregard for the safety of others. In such scenarios, it is often not only those reckless drivers that suffer, but also those affected by their actions.  

One dead, several injured following Fort Wayne collision

This fact was on full display in a recent that occurred in Fort Wayne. According to the local NBA News affiliate, an SUV failed to yield at a stoplight at a local intersection and struck another SUV coming from an intersection direction. The vehicle hit at the intersection flipped several times before coming to a stop in a nearby residential yard. Authorities believe that speed was likely a factor in the collision, yet the investigation into the crash is still ongoing. Five of those involved in the accident sustained critical injuries, while another victim died in the crash.  

Compensation for financial and emotional damages

Many may argue that the responsible party in this case (and others like it) had no intention to cause harm (despite their perceived recklessness). While that may indeed be true, it does not change the fact that car accident victims may face extensive accident expenses (as well as enormous emotional losses). They might secure compensation for those losses through a liability claim.