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Who pays for your injuries after a truck accident?

Because I-70 bisects Hancock County, you probably see at least one semitruck every time you leave home. Tractor-trailers may be 70 feet long and weigh more than 80,000 pounds. Consequently, it is not difficult to see how a collision with a semitruck may leave you and your passengers with catastrophic injuries.

If you suffer a life-altering injury in a truck accident, you may have mounting medical bills you simply cannot pay. Fortunately, you may be able to pursue substantial financial compensation to help you through your recovery. The following individuals and entities may have a legal obligation to pay for your damages.

Professional drivers

While professional drivers receive training on driving trucks safely, they may make critical or even fatal mistakes behind the wheel. A driver’s poor health may also increase his or her accident risk. If a professional driver did not drive reasonably, you may have a negligence claim against him or her.

Freight companies and other businesses

Many professional drivers are not in business for themselves, as truck drivers often work for freight companies or other businesses. These entities typically have far more financial resources than drivers do. Consequently, when considering your options, you may want to explore whether a freight company or another business played some role in the crash.

Mechanics and parts manufacturers

While drivers and their employers may bear primary responsibility for the accident, third parties may also have some liability. If mechanics, parts manufacturers or others did not act reasonably, you may be able to pursue financial compensation from them.

Even after you pay your medical bills, you may have to put up with a lifetime of challenges following a truck accident. Bringing a cause of action against every party who had some responsibility for the crash may give you the financial stability you need to move forward with your life.