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Aggressive driving can have deadly consequences

While some Indiana motorists drive slow, serious and safe, others drive fast, furious and careless. This can cause serious problems for other motorists on the road, as angry drivers often display hazardous driving behaviors. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 56% of deadly car accidents involved some type of hazardous driving behavior, such as speeding. These habits directly put lives in danger. 

What are aggressive driving behaviors?

AAA reports at least 80% of motorists have felt angry and even engaged in aggressive driving habits while behind the wheel within the past year. These dangerous driving behaviors include the following: 

  • Following too close or tailgating 
  • Racing other vehicles or speeding 
  • Failing to use turn signals 
  • Failing to yield to other drivers’ right of way, traffic lights or pedestrian crosswalks 
  • Changing lanes erratically, blocking other vehicles or cutting them off 
  • Yelling expletives, using obscene hand gestures and honking the horn 

When anger turns to road rage, mad drivers may intentionally hit other vehicles. Furthermore, they may start physical altercations or attempt to harm another driver as a result of their anger. 

What should drivers do to help?

When confronted with an angry driver, many may be tempted to interact or even fight back to defend themselves. Yet, this may only make matters worse. Instead, motorists should try to avoid getting involved or reacting to the situation. Those who spot a reckless driver should contact law enforcement as soon as possible. 

Motorists who find themselves getting angry behind the wheel should pull over and calm down. Turning on relaxing music can also help the matter.