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How do back injuries impact your life?

Whether you are in a vehicle collision or you slip and fall, you are more likely to sustain back and neck damage than any other type of injury. You may deal with the pain of a back injury for years after the initial incident.

In some cases, you may deal with it for life.

Persistence of back pain

Medical News Today examines how back pain can alter your life over time. Studies show that only 1 in 5 people who suffer from back pain make a recovery. Also, these recovered people often have to have ongoing, long-term treatment, staying on a regimen of medication, physical therapy and exercise to maintain their pain-free life. The results of one study indicate that back and neck pain treatments add up to the third-highest amount of money spent on health care in the U.S.

Back pain also often worsens rather than improving. What may begin as a small twinge could one day grow to crippling levels of pain. For many victims, this means having to take time off work, adding to the financial difficulties that treatment and recovery efforts often cause.

Lower quality of life

Studies tie back injuries and other chronic pain issues to an increased rate of depression. Sufferers claim that these injuries affect the overall quality of life. You may find it harder to enjoy everyday things. This is especially true if those things involve active movement and exacerbate your back injury.

Mobility may degrade over time too, resulting in the need for mobility aids. This is another big expense, and you can have a harder time navigating the world because of it.