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Rollover accident kills Seymour woman

In many cases, the car accidents that occur on Indiana’s roads are just that: accidents. There may be no intent on the part of the person or driver deemed to be responsible for causing the accident. Yet the lack of intent does not change the fact that the outcome of such an accident is often devastating (leaving accident victims in need of compensation of some form).

Most might assume it is easy to assign liability for a car accident. Yet that is not always the case. In many scenarios, there may be blame to spread around to all of those involved in the incident.

Collision in Kentucky kills local woman

Accident investigators may likely have to determine if that is the case following a fatal accident that took the life of a Seymour resident. According to WDRB.com, the woman reportedly attempted to cross a road in her own vehicle when a driver coming from an intersecting direction hit her car. The vehicle then left the road and rolled several times before stopping and coming to a rest on its roof. First responders pronounced the woman dead at the scene of the accident; the driver of the other vehicle sought treatment for her injuries at an Indianapolis hospital.

Assigning liability for car accidents

Some might look at cases like this ad immediately assume fault to lie with the driver that pulled into the path of another. Yet this completely overlooks the roles (and potential negligence) of others involved. Was the other driving speeding? Did they fail to yield the right-of-way? These are mandatory questions to ask on behalf of accident victims following a car collision. Having an experienced legal professional to rely on in such a scenario may help ensure that they are.