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How to pick an executor for your estate

Indiana residents like you put time, effort and care into creating your will or estate plan. After you die, you want your wishes carried out faithfully. For that to happen, you must pick an executor who can manage your estate well.

Today we will discuss things to look when choosing an executor. 

What makes a good executor?

An executor who is a good fit for one person may not work for another.

But effective executors have traits in common. For example, a good executor often has experience working with big, lengthy projects. Probate is a big project and can take years to complete. Managing an estate involves constant communication with others. Your executor would be best-suited for the job if he or she has experience with high-pressure, deadline-oriented environments that involve cooperating with others. 

What should your executor’s schedule look like?

Your selected person should have a relatively clear schedule. If your executor does not have time, it does not matter how talented they are with big projects. It does not matter how well you get along on a personal level. They must be ready and able to dedicate their time to managing your estate affairs. People who would not be a good pick include those starting new families or new businesses. 

Shared values

Finally, your executor should hold similar core values and principles as you. Values differ from person to person, so you must use your own judgment to determine who is a good fit for you. 

If you have questions about naming an executor, contact an experienced estate planning attorney.