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Bloomington woman arrested following police search

Much debate may exist among people in Greenfield about exactly how much freedom law enforcement officials should be afforded when attempting to enforce the law. Many might say that as long as they are able to halt what appears to be (or could potentially lead to) criminal activity, then they should be allowed to do whatever is necessary.

Yet if that crosses over into infringing on an individual’s rights, then concerns arise. A person should be protected from having their possessions and property subjected to unwarranted searches in order to ensure their privacy, provided that they have not given authorities any cause to suspect them of wrongdoing. 

In the event that authorities do suspect that something nefarious may indeed be occurring just outside of their view, they still must tread carefully in ensuring that one’s privacy is not violated. 

The recent arrest of a Bloomington woman shows how unanticipated enforcement action by police can occur.

In this case, the woman was stopped for a traffic violation. She provided law enforcement officers with identification which proved to be false. A search revealed that she had outstanding warrants for her arrest in different local counties. Authorities then conducted a search of her vehicle, which led to the discovery of her being in possession of methamphetamine. 

In this case, it appears that law enforcement officials followed proper protocols when investigating their suspicions. Still, the concern is there that they can cross a line in similar scenarios and violate a person’s rights. One with little experience in criminal matters may not understand this. Thus, having the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side may be beneficial.