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Understanding dog bite cases

Living in Indiana means you may encounter many different breeds of dogs. While all are capable of biting, a new report from the American Animal Hospital Association shows that some breeds, such as pit bulls and German shepherds, are more likely to bite and leave you with serious injuries. At Allen Wellman Harvey Keyes Cooley, LLP, it is our goal to help people understand the nature of dog bite personal injury cases and guide them through the process of making a claim. 

Some dogs bite out of a fear response, and others may snap or bite if they are in pain or if startled. Few dog breed types attack unprovoked, and in those cases, they may be abused or ill. Certain illnesses, such as distemper, may also make a dog act strangely or more likely to bite. Even small, friendly dogs can act aggressively when they are sick or injured. 

After you experience a dog bite, it may be unclear to you how to proceed. If it was a strange dog that attacked, perhaps it was trained to guard a property you were on. Or, if it was a friend’s or family member’s dog that left you with injuries, you may wonder if you have the right to ask for compensation because you were in their home and in the dog’s territory. However, a dog’s owner is responsible for its actions and will likely be questioned if his or her pet attacks someone. 

Dog attacks can happen without warning and cause serious personal injury For more information, please visit our website.