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Extreme weather can put pedestrians at risk

When turbulent weather is in the forecast, crops and property aren’t the only things that stand in harm’s way. Poor road conditions and visibility can create dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians.

Hazards that pedestrians face

Extreme weather can have a variety of effects on pedestrians. These depend on the type of storm and where a person is located when it arrives. Some examples include:

  • Hypothermia or frostbite in freezing temperatures
  • Dehydration or heat stroke when temperatures are high
  • Being struck by debris when there are strong winds
  • Slipping and falling during a rainstorm or blizzard

To be properly prepared, it is important for pedestrians to check forecasts and heed weather warnings.

Risks on the road

Pedestrians are also more likely to be struck by a vehicle when there is extreme weather. Pedestrians must be alert to avoid being hit by these types of motorists:

  • Drivers who panic and drive erratically
  • Drivers whose vision is impaired by rain, fog, hail or snow
  • Inexperienced drivers who don’t know how to drive safely in hazardous conditions
  • Drivers who are traveling too fast for the conditions

Unfortunately, these drivers can be difficult to spot during a storm. Pedestrians must proceed with caution and drivers must travel at slower speeds if the weather affects their sight or the vehicle’s performance.

Know your legal options

If you are hurt in a pedestrian accident, it’s important to protect your legal rights. Contact an attorney who has experience with these types of cases.