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Why changes in custody should be in writing

Sticking to a custody agreement can be challenging. Both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible but work and extra curriculars can get in the way.

As children grow up, they may also take on new responsibilities and interests that alter their custody routine. In these situations, changes to a custody plan should be written into the formal agreement. Here’s a few reasons why.

Maintaining the balance of the plan

It’s a good idea to be flexible if, for example, a special event disrupts the typical custody routine. However, when the plan is disrupted regularly or changed permanently, the balance of the agreement may be thrown off.

That may mean that one parent sees far less of their child than previously agreed upon or one parent is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a single parent more often than previously agreed upon. Maintaining a balanced custody schedule helps children spend time with each of their role models while parents can rely on one another to help raise the child.

When a plan becomes unbalanced, making changes in custody court may help parents reevaluate their schedules and design a plan that is better suited to the new normal.

Remaining reliable

When parents divorce, it’s typical for their children to have more difficulty trusting others. However, parents can help their children feel comfortable relying on them by keeping the custody routine consistent.

While it’s likely that your custody plan will change, parents should be aware when a plan needs tweaking so that they can relay the new routine to their children and stick to it.

Similarly, this will also help your children’s friends, teams or club members have an understanding of when they can rely on your child.

Avoiding mishaps

The final reason that parents should get custody changes in writing is because it cements the change as permanent. This will help parents avoid miscommunication or forgetfulness when it comes to exchanges and planning ahead.

Both children and parents can feel comfortable with making plans and following their schedules if everyone is clear on the details of the custody arrangement. If you believe that your agreement may need modifications, a professional can help you weigh out your options to get the best routine for your families unique circumstances.