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Vacations can lead to divorce

A vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It’s a way to unwind and spend time together as a family. You’re supposed to come back from it feeling happy and recharged.

However, for some couples, a curious thing happens: They decide to get a divorce. It’s a pattern. Studies have discovered that post-vacation divorce rates are higher than they are at other times.

So, what is it about a vacation that can end your relationship?

One theory is that you already have some underlying tension in that relationship. This tension does not really impact your daily life, but it does exist. When you go on vacation, it brings it to the forefront. Your issues suddenly seem bigger and more important than they did before, and you’re forced to face them.

In fact, it may be that family time that really shows you that you don’t want to stay in the relationship. On a daily basis, you spend an hour commuting to work, eight hours in the office, and an hour driving home. Throw in eight hours of sleep, and you only have six hours left in the day. But the time you take a shower, shop, eat, catch up on the news, and whatever else you do, you’re just not around your spouse that much.

On vacation, the increased exposure shows you — or your spouse — that the relationship actually isn’t working. Without the distractions of normal life, it becomes very clear.

If you do end up getting divorced, whether it’s after a vacation or not, be sure you know what legal steps to take.