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Study finds that millennial parents use phones while driving

Teens often catch most of the blame for distracted driving and using their phones behind the wheel. However, a recent study carried out in a hospital suggests that may not be entirely fair. Researchers found that millennials often use their phones while driving, even though many of them are now old enough to be parents themselves.

“Text messaging and other forms of distracted driving were more common among millennial parents than older parents,” one surgeon noted.

This is an interesting finding because one would think parents would avoid distracted driving for the sake of their children — either because the children are in the car with them or because they do not want to get injured or killed in an accident if they have young kids at home. This study shows that even that is not enough motivation for people to stay off of their phones.

Why does it happen? A lot of it, some believe, comes from the culture of connectivity that cellphones have created. People get used to being connected at all times, and they don’t want to take a break from that, even when they need to drive.

“I would completely agree with that because millennials are always having to be so up to date on everything that’s happening around them in their lives,” noted one driver in reports about the study.

As you can see, people of all ages are willing to take risks behind the wheel. This means that you could get seriously injured, even if you personally commit to never texting and driving. If you suffer injuries in a crash caused by a distracted or negligent driver, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other costs.