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Help your children adjust to the divorce

One of the primary duties of a parent is to protect their children. This can be difficult during a divorce because of the major changes that occur with the situation. Keeping an eye on some key points might help you protect them and help them cope as these adjustments happen.

Helping your children starts with watching how information is presented to them. Make sure that everything they are told is age-appropriate and doesn’t contain anything they don’t need to know. It might help if you and your ex discuss what they will be told ahead of time. You might even be able to have talks with the kids with your ex too. This can help everyone to remain on the same page about what is going on.

As the major changes with the divorce occur, pay attention to what the children are saying, doing and feeling. If you notice any signs of stress, such as regressive behavior, sleep changes or moodiness, you should sit down with them and discuss what’s going on. Find suitable options to help them cope with their emotions and the situations that are causing problems.

During the divorce, try to keep things consistent for the kids. Encourage them to have a meaningful relationship with both parents, their siblings and others who mean a lot to them. Don’t try to use the children as a messenger because they might become stressed due to having to relay messages.

Sometimes, the conflicts between you and your co-parent might cause problems with the children. Even if you don’t think they are watching you, they might be paying closer attention than what you realize. Try to minimize the contentious situations so everyone can enjoy some measure of peace. Your parenting plan should include information that helps to keep disagreements to a minimum. Having decision-making powers clearly outlined and a set schedule can be beneficial.