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A comprehensive estate plan has many components

Your estate plan is the set of instructions that your loved one will follow when you pass away. There are often several documents that come together to create this plan, so you should make sure that you have everything you need to convey your wishes. We are here to help you so you should start thinking about exactly what you want.

One of the documents you will need is your will. This passes on assets to your heirs, but you should only include assets that aren’t governed by other things, such as trusts or payable on death designations. The will is the place to hand down something like the stained-glass butterfly or flowered curtains that everyone might fight over.

In the trusts that you establish, you will include assets that you want to pass along that you don’t want to go through probate court. There are different types of trusts, so make sure that you think about the purpose of the trust and the beneficiary’s circumstances so you can set up the right trust for the situation.

You also need to think about your end-of-life care. Who is going to make medical decisions for you when you can’t make them? Who will care for your finances if you are incapacitated? Both of these require someone to have powers of attorney for either health care or finances. You can also write out a living will to provide a list of instructions for your medical care if you can’t make those decisions for yourself. We can help you get all of this together, so you know your plan is comprehensive.