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Preparing for life as a single parent

One of the biggest adjustments that adults have to make when they go through divorce is learning how to be a single parent. This can be a difficult and stressful change if you don’t handle it purposefully. There are several ways that you can prepare for what’s to come.

Make sure that you set the rules for your house immediately. You might be tempted to allow things to slide right now, but this can make it more difficult to get things in order down the road. Children thrive on stability. Having rules can help them to feel more settled during this time of upheaval. Just remember that you don’t have to keep the same rules as you had when you were married.

You also need to set the routine for your children. This is something that you might work out with your ex so that the kids have some consistent components, e.g., bedtimes. Your children will probably be able to transition from house to house more easily if major parts of the routine are relatively the same in both homes.

You should also put together a financial plan. Setting your budget can help you determine what you can afford. Financial instability is a big source of stress for many single parents, so being able to avoid this can help you to feel more at peace.

Remember that being a single parent doesn’t mean that you are alone. You still have friends and family members who are there for you. If you have a good parenting relationship with your ex, you might be able to ask them to step in when you need an extra hand, such as if you fall ill and need someone to care for the children.

Having a solid parenting plan can also help the situation. Make sure that you are familiar with the term so that you can comply with it.