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Police on the hunt for drug users during early months of 2019

Indiana is one of the stricter states when it comes to drug abuse. Despite the constantly changing laws of the surrounding states, the Hoosier State still looks to have most of the same policies in place for 2019. The charges for those caught selling or possessing a certain amount of drugs has not changed.

Yet despite the state’s laws seeing no changes, the police will likely be more on the lookout this winter season than they have in recent times. The holidays may be over, but local law enforcement plans to keep an eye out for potential drug users for the following reasons:

Hazardous weather

Winter is one of the worst times to drive in Indiana. Being in the midst of the Midwest means that the state will see an increase in freezing temperatures, icy roads and blinding snow. Those who operate a vehicle while intoxicated are now more likely to injure a pedestrian or another driver now that they lack even more control on the road.

The sun also goes down much earlier during the winter months, leaving the state with much more night time. Fatal crashes involving alcohol drastically increases during the night time, and the same goes for drug-related incidents. Whether the person is dealing or ingesting the substance, the police are far more likely to find someone possessing drugs in their cars and pockets during the weeknights and weekends than they are during the day when most people are at their jobs.

Neighbor state problems

While Indiana’s marijuana laws remain mostly untouched for 2019, the same cannot be said for Michigan. In 2018, the Mitten State chose to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical usage for those that are 21 and older. Though there are some current hurdles such as a lack of legal dispensaries, many users are glad to be able to smoke weed in certain areas without facing any charges. Michigan also allows out-of-state visitors to possess marijuana within their state.

With how recent this law passed, Indiana police have their work cut out for them. Even though Indiana residents can possess and acquire marijuana in Michigan, they cannot bring it back to their own state. The police are fully aware of how many people will cross the state borders to obtain the substance legally, so several officers in the northern part of the state will likely put up more lookouts for people jumping at the opportunity during the first few months of the legalization.

Be very careful driving during the first few months to avoid having drug possession charges ruin your new year. You need to know what legal options you have available if you or a loved one are arrested by the police and what rights you have in the state.