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Adopt a positive mindset for divorce and child custody

Divorce is a time for change. If you have recently gone through a divorce or are just embarking on the process, you might find yourself falling into a slump. This isn’t something that you might be prepared for, but it is the perfect opportunity to change your mindset about the future so that you can focus on building the best life possible for you and your children.

Sometimes, people think that divorce is a negative experience and dwell on the things they can’t change. When you begin to consider divorce as a good thing in your life, you will see that possibilities begin to open up. This doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy all the time. You will face some challenges, but having the right attitude here can make a big difference in how you fare.

One of the best things that you can do now is to forgive your ex. Holding grudges is going to cast a shadow on your new life. Remember that holding anger can put that person in charge of your life instead of letting you control your own destiny. You shouldn’t let your past dictate your future.

As you get your positive mindset in order, you may find that your co-parenting gets better. Letting go of the past can make it easier for you to focus on your children. If you can do this while you are working out the terms of the parenting plan, getting everything set in order and negotiating something agreeable might be easier since you won’t have that additional stress hanging over your head.