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Divorce is difficult, even without children

Divorcing your spouse isn’t always as easy as it might seem at first. Even if you don’t have children together, you are going to have to work out a property division settlement. This can often a be a source of contention, since some people want to hang on to the same assets. We can help you determine what’s in your best interests as you work to split up the marital property.

Many people don’t realize that you aren’t only dividing assets like the home and investment accounts. You also have to divide the debts. In many cases, it is best to start with the larger assets and then move to the smaller ones. Once all the assets are split, you can use the debts to balance things out. We can help you to figure out ways to divide everything so your divorce can move forward.

As part of the divorce mediation process, you and your ex will work to negotiate the terms of the property division. It is best for you to go into the process with an idea of what you want. You also need to consider how each asset you are dividing will impact your finances. This gives you a realistic picture of what you can afford and what you need to let go.

While you are going through the property division process, you and your ex will probably have some back-and-forth about what is going to whom. Take this time to think carefully about the terms of the offers that are coming from your ex. There’s always a chance that something offered from that side might work out better than other arrangements.