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What are 3 steps to begin planning your estate?

If you have not yet started to plan for your estate’s transfer to your heirs, there has never been a better time than now to begin estate planning. With every estate plan, having a will is also important. Both of these documents are legally binding and can help protect your beneficiaries and heirs upon your death. In the meantime, your estate plan can help you protect the assets you worked so hard for.

It is important to begin planning as soon as possible, so you can protect your assets. Here are three helpful steps to take that can protect your estate.

1. Get to know your property

You need to take an inventory of your liabilities and assets early on in your life. This will help you determine your net worth and know what kinds of policies will pay out upon your death. With this knowledge, you can go to your attorney and begin an estate plan with all of your documents in place.

2. Choose your beneficiaries wisely

When you choose beneficiaries, you have to decide on how they will benefit from your estate. Will you place items in a trust? Will you begin to gift money or assets to them while you are still living? This is something you have to decide while you set up the estate plan.

3. Have an experienced attorney complete your estate planning documents

The last thing you want to find out is that something is wrong with your estate plan that can make it null or void. Working with an experienced attorney will help you understand your estate and know exactly what will happen if you pass away. Our site has more on what you can to do protect yourself and your heirs.