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Bungee cord the cause of 8-vehicle collision

It is not always a drunk driver or drowsy driver who causes a crash. Sometimes, there are items that fall into the roadway or cause a driver to lose control.

One thing to remember is that you have to maintain your vehicle to prevent debris from entering the roadway. If you have bungee cords or other items on your vehicle, they need to be secure. If they are not, then they could come loose and cause a collision like this one.

Here’s an interesting story about how a seemingly harmless item can cause serious problems on a highway. According to an Oct. 17 release, a bungee cord caused an eight-vehicle crash that led to the highway being backed up for hours.

The bungee cord had been holding the hood of a vehicle in place while traveling on Interstate 465. As soon as it failed, the hood of the vehicle came open and blocked the driver’s line of sight. The driver proceeded to lose control of the vehicle, colliding with two semis and five other cars.

The good news in this collision is that only one person suffered minor injuries. This crash could have been much worse, which is what the Indiana State Police have warned about. They state that poorly-maintained vehicles should not be used on any roadway, let alone a busy highway.

This crash happened at around 1:55 p.m., and it took nearly six hours to reopen the roadway.

If you are injured as a result of a situation such as this, know that the driver who failed to properly maintain their vehicle should be held responsible.