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The best time to start your estate plan is now

There are many mistakes people make when they plan for their deaths, and some of those stem from believing the myths they’ve heard. Here are a few myths that are more serious than others:

1. Did you know that a will won’t necessarily take care of all your estate planning needs?

It’s true: Your will could have little control over certain aspects of financial planning.

2. Did you know that you can’t simply write your will, sign it and never look at it again?

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to update your will and estate plan regularly. While you may have a will from 2005, lots of things have happened since then. Take the time to review the documents and make sure everything is still the way you want it. You should also review your will and update it after major life events.

3. Did you know that estate planning is not only for the elderly?

Many people believe that estate planning is only for the elderly, but every adult can benefit from an estate plan — no matter how many assets the individual has accrued and no matter your marital or parental status.

Laying out the guidelines for your estate is essential because it lets your family members know what to do when you die. From giving them passwords to important accounts to doling out property, your estate plan has a vital role to play when you no longer have the ability to play a part in your own life. Ultimately, the earlier you take the steps required to have an estate plan the better.