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Fatal Fourth of July injuries

The Fourth of July is a national celebration. While every family has different traditions that range from backyard cookouts to out-of-town travel, nearly everyone celebrated the holiday with some kind of fireworks show.

Public displays are still the most popular display over the holidays but Americans are spending more money on private pyrotechnics shows each year. Unfortunately, emergency rooms have also seen increased activity.

Some alarming numbers

On average, seven people die each year from fireworks-related injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commissions says, compiling stats since 2002. In addition to that, there are between 11,000 to 13,000 injuries per year. Some result in death, as noted (including one in Porter County this year), and others in cause permanent damage like amputation and serious burns. Breaking down the numbers even further, men account for 70 percent of those injuries, and just over one-third are to children. Not surprisingly, most of these injuries occur around the Fourth of July.

Private shows and costly injuries

While these sobering statistics make last week’s holiday feel less joyous, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of injuries occur from private fireworks displays. Public displays are professional events by trained experts, while people who set off fireworks at home are often distracted, intoxicated and less aware of the danger involved.

If you suffered an injury, it’s important to review the situation. Serious injuries incur expensive medical bills, lost time and emotional suffering. It’s important to recover damages to help you get back on track after an injury. The Fourth of July is a festive occasion, but it’s no reason to overlook liability if somebody was irresponsible with a dangerous product.