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Study finds that millennial parents use phones while driving

Teens often catch most of the blame for distracted driving and using their phones behind the wheel. However, a recent study carried out in a hospital suggests that may not be entirely fair. Researchers found that millennials often use their phones while driving, even though many of them are now old enough to be parents themselves.

How can I claim back damages from a botched operation?

We tend to trust our medical providers because we know that they are experts in their field. This means that we are willing to do things such as go through a surgery based on their advice. While following the advice of medical experts tends to be a very good idea, sometimes mistakes are made and damages result. In these cases, many patients wonder if they can take legal action against their medical provider.

Trauma from a car wreck may lead to compensation claims

A personal injury claim is something that most people hope they never have to deal with. Unfortunately, you might have to think about filing one if you are ever in a serious car wreck that results in physical injuries or severe mental trauma. Many people don't realize just how difficult these types of injuries can make life.

Signs of a concussion might not show up right away

The violent impact of a car wreck can mean that your body has damage that you might not expect. These injuries might not show up at the scene of the accident. In fact, some like a concussion might take days or even weeks to become recognizable. You must watch for signs of this type of injury.

Man connected to gas-station employee's death in Indianapolis

Personal injuries sometimes lead to wrongful deaths, and for families dealing with the loss of a loved one, it's important to bring the responsible party to justice. When someone flees the scene of an incident that leads to death, that individual may be charged with murder, a hit-and-run or face other penalties. In the following case, a man may end up with a conviction for murder as a result of his alleged actions.

Rear-end collisions could be prevented with the right technology

When it comes to truck drivers in the United States, many believe that they don't get enough sleep, they work long hours without breaks, that they are untrained or too young and that they are a danger to other drivers on the roads. This is made clear in some instances when truck drivers get into crashes with other drivers. In many cases, the crash is a direct result of a lack of sleep or distractions.

Even hand, wrist and finger injuries can be life-changing

All kinds of injuries can have an impact on your life, but you may not have thought about how a simple injury to the bones in your hands and wrists could severely impact your life. People use their hands every day, many times without thinking about it. From scratching your wrist to rubbing your eyes, your hands are in constant motion.

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