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Preparing for the summer with your kids after a divorce

Spring feels like a breath of fresh air for most Indiana residents especially after this year’s harsh winter. Unfortunately, spring also tends to feel like a short season for most Midwest states. Over the course of the next month, more children will start cleaning their lockers and take their final exams before beginning their well-earned summer vacation.

Summer can be an interesting time for newly divorced parents. Regardless if you have primary or equal custody over your child, the rules often change around this time of year. The first summer after your divorce can be hard on everyone in your family, so it is important to review what options you have during this season so you can still make your kid look forward to the school year ending.

Check your custody agreement

Typically during the school year, you would either take turns with your spouse picking up your kid from school or alternate which weekends they would visit the other parent. Even if your child has a summer job, the rules may not be the same. According to Custody X Change, most Indiana divorcees typically have even custody time during the summer even if one parent doesn’t have primary custody during the school year.

The rules aren’t the same for every divorced couple, but this does serve as a reminder for how much can change during these few months. You may get to spend more time with your child, but so does your spouse. Look over which dates you get the kid and mark it under your calendar to avoid custody issues with your ex.

Make your time worth it

Unfortunately, many divorcees aren’t able to spend the whole summer with their kids. It’s disappointing because children typically have flexible schedules around this time of year you can take advantage of, whether it means trying out a new activity or taking a road trip somewhere. You can still make memories, but now you have much more limited time to do so.

After reviewing what weeks you have available with your child during the summer, start making plans as soon as you can. That way you can inform your ex and your kid ahead of time so they don’t schedule anything during that time. Consider laying out plans with your ex so you can avoid overwhelming your child during their time off. It might not be easy speaking with your ex again, but communication can really help make it an organized and exciting summer for everyone involved.

If you have any questions or concerns about custody in Indiana during the hottest months of the year, consider speaking with a family law attorney to see how you should approach this season.