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February 2019 Archives

A comprehensive estate plan has many components

Your estate plan is the set of instructions that your loved one will follow when you pass away. There are often several documents that come together to create this plan, so you should make sure that you have everything you need to convey your wishes. We are here to help you so you should start thinking about exactly what you want.

The actual cost of repair is frequently the smallest element of damage following a motor vehicle accident

Anyone who has suffered damage to a motor vehicle that is less than a total loss has incurred damage far more than the cost of repair. That damage is the diminution (or loss) in value of the motor vehicle by reason of having been involved in an accident, even if it has been repaired to "better than new."

Retirement accounts have special considerations in divorce

Divorces that involve certain types of investments will require a qualified domestic relations order, which is commonly referred to as a QDRO. If you or your spouse has a pension or other retirement account, you should know a little bit about these orders.

Neighborhoods in danger from high speed police chases

On television, chase scenes are often the most exhilarating parts of cop shows. The dynamic camera angles focus on how intense the officer and the driver are as the former tries to escape while the latter devises a strategy to catch them. Once the chase is over and one side wins, they simply cut to the next part of the plot.

Knowing your options ahead of time in custody is often beneficial

Coming up with a parenting plan for your children isn't always easy. In fact, many parents find that this is more challenging than any other area of the divorce. When you are going through this, you need to ensure that you are focusing on the children. It is easy to think about how the decisions will affect you, but they might cloud the decisions since they all need to be based on what's best for the kids.

Plea conditions can come with 3 areas of negotiations

The majority of criminal justice cases are handled through plea deals instead of jury trials. This benefits the defendant, as well as the court system. One way that this happens is that the defendant can get the matter over with faster, and the court doesn't have to put the case on the trial docket. That can free up some time in a clogged system.

Keep your distance from salt trucks in the winter

The winter can be a cruel season for driving, but some motorists are out there cleaning Mother Nature’s cold mess. Some drivers are clearing the streets of excessive snow while others are trying to make the slippery roads easier to drive on. These two jobs work hand-in-hand to ensure that workers and residents in Indiana can have a better chance of getting to their destinations.

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