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Fatal accidents this holiday season

As the holiday season begins, many people will be on the road traveling to see their relatives, to the stores to buy presents or attending holiday parties. The increase in traffic on the road can lead to an excess of accidents between late November and January.

The holiday season can be especially dangerous for individuals on the road as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s come right after the other, increasing the number of cars on the road and potential crashes.

Watch out for these hazards when traveling

  • Drunk drivers: People are generally more prone to having a drink with family and friends over the holidays, but this can lead to an increase in drunk drivers on the road. In just the week between Christmas and New Year, an average of 300 individuals die in accidents resulting from impaired drivers.
  • Poor weather conditions: Especially in this season, ice, snow and slush cover the roads. Similarly, heavy snowfall can make it very difficult to see. These road conditions lead to many crashes. Ice, snow or slush on the ground cause over 300,000 crashes each year.
  • Drowsy drivers: Many drivers tire themselves out with long road trips or staying up late the night before they need to be at a family gathering. This can make for many drowsy drivers on the road.

Holiday driving tips

  • Watch for drunk drivers: If you see a car that is speeding erratically or cannot hold their lane, they could be intoxicated. It is best to stay as far away from them as you can when you are driving.
  • Get enough rest: You don’t want to fall asleep on your way to or from a holiday gathering, so it is important to either get enough rest the night before or have another passenger that could take over if you are too tired.
  • Don’t drive if it is unsafe: Everyone wants to get to their destination, especially on a holiday. However, if the roads are too dangerous to drive, it may be best not to risk it.

The holidays are one of the most wonderful times of the year. Don’t let hazards on the road lead to a nasty accident.

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