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November 2018 Archives

Contesting A Will in Indiana - Part 1

Ten years before his death, Gary developed a cancerous brain tumor that was successfully treated with radiation.  Unfortunately, Gary developed delayed radiaton encephalopathy (swelling of the brain) from the treatment.  Gary's two children, both in their thirties and leading active lives with their children, were unable to care for Gary when his health deteriorated.  Gary's sister took him into her home so that he would not have to live in a nursing home.  After Gary died, his children learned that he had purportedly signed a new Last Will and Testament after he began living with his sister.  With that Will, Gary disinherited his children.

Divorce is difficult, even without children

Divorcing your spouse isn't always as easy as it might seem at first. Even if you don't have children together, you are going to have to work out a property division settlement. This can often a be a source of contention, since some people want to hang on to the same assets. We can help you determine what's in your best interests as you work to split up the marital property.

Fatal accidents this holiday season

As the holiday season begins, many people will be on the road traveling to see their relatives, to the stores to buy presents or attending holiday parties. The increase in traffic on the road can lead to an excess of accidents between late November and January.

Why work with a criminal defense attorney?

A good defense means a world of difference in court. Imagine going to trial without any concept of what could happen, no plan to defend yourself and no coaching on what to do when you're spoken to. It would be easy to make mistakes that could result in the loss of your case.

Tragic crash prompts state to review school bus laws

School bus accidents are prevalent throughout the entirety of the fall season. Though you would think more would occur more in September as many are adjusting to buses being on the road, they continue to happen due to the negligence of certain drivers, the changing seasonal conditions or sometimes both. Last weekend’s daylight savings will certainly throw many motorists off and could put several people in danger.

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