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3 tips as parents head toward divorce

The end of any relationship comes with its fair share of hardships and challenges. Dealing with these challenges becomes that much more difficult with others closely involved, particularly children. If you and your spouse are looking to divorce in Indiana, consider how you will handle this transition with the children.

Even though the marriage is ending, your relationship with your soon to be ex is likely far from over. Co-parenting after a divorce in a shared custody arrangement means the two of you will need a working, civil dynamic moving forward. Begin this new endeavor with a plan in place to mitigate the potential issues associated with co-parenting.

Prepare with your partner

The two of you may be spouses, but more importantly you are parents. You are both responsible for the safety, wellbeing and success of your children, which is nothing to take lightly during a tumultuous time such as during and after a divorce.

Before you share the news of an impending divorce with the children, it may be beneficial to formulate a plan together. The marriage is ending, but your dynamic as co-parents is a new situation that will require some planning and dedication.

How will you tell the kids about the split? What is the plan for scheduling, living situations and parenting time? The two of you can form an initial plan before moving forward with a separation. Though a parenting plan and custody arrangement may change over time, going in with a beginning plan can help simplify the initial transition for the whole family.

Parenting tools for your family

Co-parenting takes a certain level of civility, commitment and care to do effectively. While many parents do just fine with stipulating a parenting plan and sticking to it, others may need some additional resources to manage this new partnership.

In the ever-growing digital age, there’s an app for just about everything; this includes co-parenting. Apps and websites for co-parents such as Our Family Wizard, 2Houses or others offer an all-inclusive platform to manage your shared parenting responsibilities. These tools can help parents coordinate schedules, track expenses and keep everyone accountable for the civil exchange of information.

Provide consistency to children

More than anything, children seek consistency and reliability during and after a divorce. Their family dynamic is in a state of flux, so they need a steady force in their lives. Parents can recognize and fulfill this need to the benefit of their children during this time.

Divorce and determining child custody takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to negatively impact your children’s lives. Consider the steps you and your soon to be ex can take to lessen the burdens on children during and after a divorce. You can both take steps to prioritize them and keep your family going strong even through the changes ahead.