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September 2018 Archives

Inexperience and intoxication lead to motorcycle death increase

Motorcyclists find themselves at a far greater risk for getting serious injuries from a motor vehicle accident. While car crashes are more frequent, motorcycles leave very little protection for their riders and give them a much higher chance of getting a disability or death from the outcome.

How is a pet treated during a divorce?

One of the hardest things about getting a divorce is deciding what happens to the family pet. You may not be aware of this, but pets are not considered family in the same sense you'd imagine. Instead, pets are technically personal property, which means that they will be part of your property division arrangements.

Rear-end collisions could be prevented with the right technology

When it comes to truck drivers in the United States, many believe that they don't get enough sleep, they work long hours without breaks, that they are untrained or too young and that they are a danger to other drivers on the roads. This is made clear in some instances when truck drivers get into crashes with other drivers. In many cases, the crash is a direct result of a lack of sleep or distractions.

DNA: A solution for cold cases or a risk to the innocent?

What's interesting as time moves on is that more people are being arrested based on DNA evidence from cold cases. The invention of genealogy websites has made it possible to link more people to cases through their DNA, essentially solving many cases that no one thought would be resolved.

Avoid these mistakes when estate planning

There is no right time to start your estate planning. The best time to start is right now, no matter if you are single, just married, a college student or at retirement age. The important thing is to make sure you have a plan in place. However, it is not something that should be thrown together quickly.

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